It is hard to believe that it is already February. Not only did this month bring with it one of the most successful Capitol Days events in history with a record breaking 250 attendees, but February also means that the first month of the 2017 legislature is over.

The THSC Watchmen have already sorted and read hundreds of bills pertaining to parental rights just to ensure the freedom of Texas families are not in danger.

You met Josiah Newman last week, and today we introduce the last of our six THSC Watchmen, Anna Little.

Why Anna Decided to Join the THSC Watchmen

I joined the THSC Watchmen on hyper speed. I had a providential opportunity to sit down with THSC President Tim Lambert for breakfast to discuss THSC policies and how homeschooling leaders in my area could aid THSC in furthering those causes.

From an engaging conversation grew an offer to apply to join the THSC Watchmen. Just two week later, I was officially part of the team. My motivation to pursue this opportunity was twofold:

  • First, from my encounter with Mr. Lambert, I knew that the issues THSC addresses are worthwhile pursuits. I felt confident that any work I completed for THSC would be impactful.
  • Second, I was intrigued. How would working with the THSC Watchmen impact my purpose? What would it reveal to me? Would it draw me closer to God? Would it change the way I perceived governance?

I felt confident that these questions would be answered as long as I took a leap of faith, and plunged myself into the world of Texas politics. I would never have considered joining the THSC Watchmen had I not met Mr. Lambert. I am forever grateful that I did.

What Anna Says to Other Homeschool Graduates

Get involved. Every time you participate, you further your understanding of government and it will benefit you in the future. It is not only your privilege to learn about your government, but your duty.

Societies only progress when they are consistently revitalized by their citizens. As a homeschooler, you received an uncommon education. You are exactly what our government needs to refresh its outlook on democracy and freedom. Use the tools that you were blessed with to make a difference in your community.

Citizens who involve themselves in the governmental process determine elections—they understand how democracy operates. I urge you to be these citizens. Seek the opportunities that will help you better understand freedom and, therefore, better promote freedom.

How You Can Support Anna and the Other THSC Watchmen

  1. Pray for the THSC Watchmen and their work. The 140 days of a regular Texas Legislative session are taxing. Your family’s prayer over the team is the best support for which we could ask.
  2. Please give generously to support the THSC Watchmen. The cost of each Watchmen monthly is $1,500. Does this seem too high a price to protect homeschool freedoms and parental rights? Please make a contribution today.