Homeschool students in Texas are extraordinary. We know firsthand because of the THSC Rangers program that has produced conservative leaders defending parental rights in Austin.

The success of this program highlights two things we are proud of about homeschoolers in our state:

These families are the most likely to volunteer for political campaigns, register to vote, and even run for office. Simply put, homeschool students are vested in their future.

One of those extraordinary homeschool students is Abigail Thomsen, whose roots run deep in the THSC Rangers program.

Meet an Extraordinary THSC Rangers Member

Abigail Thomsen is a homeschool graduate and now works as a sales representative on the THSC Sales team. She is responsible for helping her team fill advertising spots and securing sponsors for the THSC Conventions in Arlington and The Woodlands.

Abigail started out with the THSC Rangers. Now you can read her account on the extraordinary experience:

I made a difference by sending a message to Austin that the rights of parents and families must be protected. We want men and women in office who will defend the constitution, defend life, defend religious liberty and defend our Second Amendment rights.

From block-walking to phone-banking, I thoroughly enjoyed the Rangers program. I learned so much about the election process and how campaigning works. But, more importantly, I came to realize how I can make a difference.

It was so rewarding to call and inform people of candidates with conservative records and hear them say that they would vote for that person and then thank me for my call. I gained invaluable knowledge and social skills that I never could have obtained from books.

Homeschool Students: We Need You!

Abigail is just one of many success stories from the THSC Rangers program, and we need your help to create more of these stories.

What do you need to partner with THSC to start a Rangers Club in your region of the state?

  • Two hours of your time per week
  • A group of like-minded friends
  • A local place to meet, such as a home, church, or co-op

The fate of our great state and nation is in the hands of the next generation. Therefore, the development and discipleship of the next generation is in our hands.

Take action today by clicking here to fill out this form to receive more information on partnering with THSC to start a THSC Rangers Club in your region of Texas.

Abigail’s story is one example of how your family and other homeschool students in Texas are coming together to continue Keeping Texas Families Free. Now it’s your turn to add your chapter to this extraordinary legacy!

Extraordinary Homeschool Students: Meet The THSC Rangers