Tim Tebow Bill: Do Other States Block Opportunities from Homeschoolers?

Why is Texas Limiting the Freedom of Homeschooling Families?

Have you ever ordered online and when the shipment arrives, it’s only part of what you ordered? As customers we want to find satisfaction and usefulness with our purchase. No one wants buyer’s regret.  But when it comes to taxes, are we satisfied with our purchase? When it comes to Texas UIL opportunities (such as track and field, baseball, football, drama and debate), homeschoolers should not be content.

Are We Getting What We Pay For?

Texans already feel over-taxed, but even more maddening is the long list of things we pay for but never get to use!

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) currently does not allow homeschool students access to public school UIL activities even though parents pay taxes to support those activities and have children who could otherwise participate.

How Does Texas UIL Compare To Other States?

While Texas normally leads the charge in freedom, homeschool students in 34 other states already enjoy the rights denied to Texas homeschoolers. Through a law commonly called the Tim Tebow bill, 34 states provide homeschool families with equal access to UIL extracurricular activities. Texas is not on that list.

Which states allow homeschoolers to participate in UIL?

One of the remarkable things about the list is that it spans both high-regulation and low-regulation states. Many have asked if perhaps the states allowing homeschool students to participate were states with heavy regulation on their homeschool families.  THSC has reviewed all legislation to get to the bottom of this important question.

The reality is that a state’s level of regulation does not determine their access to increased opportunities. Eight of the 11 lowest regulation states and four of the five highest regulation states currently allow equal access. Here is the breakdown:
Eight of 11 low-regulation states allow equal access Four of five high-regulation states allow equal access


expand freedom to Texas families

THSC is determined to expand freedom to Texas families. During the 2017 legislative session, THSC will continue to fight for homeschool access to UIL-sanctioned extracurricular activities.

Parents should not be forced to choose between homeschooling or career and scholarship opportunities available through UIL activities (such as softball or drama), especially when they’re paying taxes to support those opportunities.

Parents, not the government, should have the right to choose whether their children participate in UIL activities. Texas should join the 34 other states that allow homeschoolers these options.

How Can You Find Out More:

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2 Things You Can Do:

  1. Find out who represents you and call your state representative and state senator to voice your support of Texas UIL equal access legislation.
  2. Consider a financial contribution to support THSC’s legislative efforts such as UIL equal access legislation.

Keeping Texas Families Free includes expanding opportunities to all students in Texas! Please join us in the fight for your homeschool students.

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