What are some of the biggest benefits of serving in the THSC Watchmen program?  We posed the question to some past THSC Watchmen to find the 5 biggest advantages of Keeping Texas Families Free while serving with the THSC Watchmen:

5. Learning the Legislative Process

“Serving as a Watchman [sic] was a fun, memorable, and productive time for me…I came out competent at understanding, navigating, and meaningfully influencing the legislative process.”

~ Nathan Exley, 2013 THSC Watchmen Publicity Manager

“When I joined the 2015 THSC Watchmen team…I never could have guessed the extent to which the program would change me, and the extent of everything I would learn…I learned the ins and outs of the legislative process, [and] I learned many of the ways in which private citizens can become effective contributors to their own governmental process.”

~ Joshua Newman, 2015 THSC Watchmen Grassroots Coordinator

4. Invaluable Experience

“THSC’s Watchmen program launched my political career. It wasn’t until the next legislative session, when I was working for State Representative Molly White, that I realized the advantages the Watchmen program had given me…Nothing teaches you the intricate political game like interning and lobbying as a THSC Watchman [sic].”

~ Trent Williams, 2013 THSC Watchmen Communications Director

3. Applying Critical Thinking in Real-Life Situations

“During my time with the [THSC] Watchmen, I grew tremendously in my ability to think critically and confidently communicate with respected politicians and business leaders.”

~ Gregory Guggenmos, 2015 THSC Watchmen Policy Analyst

2. Making a Difference in the Home School Community

“THSC is a great organization that provides significant benefits to families all across the state, and serving with them as a Watchman [sic] not only gave me valuable internship, legislative, and advocacy experience, but allowed me to give back to a community through which I’ve been greatly blessed.”

~ Isaac Sommers, 2015 THSC Watchmen Lead Policy Analyst

1. Learning to Work with Integrity

“Being a part of the first THSC Watchmen team stretched me significantly…there was probably nothing that I appreciated more about the experience than the completely unwavering focus that was placed on operating with integrity and seeking God constantly for direction and strength.”

~ Jeremy Newman, 2013 THSC Watchmen Policy Analyst; 2015 THSC Watchmen Director

For each home school graduate who served on the THSC Watchmen team, the experience proved to be life-altering, preparing the members for future success. If you are a soon-to-be home school graduate and want a way to give back to the Texas home school community while gaining beneficial, once-in-a-lifetime experience, apply for the 2021 THSC Watchmen team.

Go to thsc.org/watchmen to read more about the program and request an application!