2018 is upon us. A new year has begun. Many of us adopt New Year’s resolutions regarding changes we want to see in our lives. But have you ever thought about making a resolution that would protect our freedom? I would like to offer three for your consideration.

As I talk to homeschool families in Texas and across the country, even among leaders, I encounter often intentional rejection of politics and public policy participation. Many convey that these areas are “not important” or that higher priorities leave no time or energy to expend in those areas.

In fact, I sometimes encounter folks who even refuse to register to vote. Sometimes for philosophical or religious reasons, and sometime just out of apathy.

On the other hand, I talk to many people who very much appreciate the freedom that Texas homeschoolers enjoy, to direct the education of their children without the heavy hand of government oversight.

It is clear that many people do not see the connection between our freedom and participation in the political process, such as voting and advocating for  public policy.

Indeed, some even argue that the best approach to keeping our freedom is to keep a low profile and not draw attention to the homeschool community. I can tell you from experience that the fledgling Texas homeschool community in the 1980s was very, very small and low profile, but that did not keep state officials from aggressively prosecuting families across Texas.

THSC has adopted President Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy mantra of pursuing “peace through strength.” We seek to actively engage homeschool families in the political process of choosing our government officials as a way to not only teach our children about government, but to educate elected officials about homeschooling. As we do so, we develop relationships that enable us to seek their help when, not if, we have an issue with some government entity that impacts our freedom.

3 Resolutions for Freedom

First, I would like to urge you to make sure that all voting age people in your family are registered to vote. In fact, I’d like to urge you to make sure that like-minded members of your homeschool group and church are also registered to vote.

Secondly, educate yourself on the issues that face our state and nation so that you can cast an informed vote. One way you could do that is to subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

Finally, I urge you to teach your children about this process as you participate in it. Not only will you be embodying good civics and social studies lessons, but you will be laying the groundwork for future generations of engaged citizens. A great way to teach this process to your students, as well as others in your circle of influence, would be to develop a Ranger Club.

Many nations have learned over the years that security depends on being ready to defend the freedom that you have. Failure to be ready may lead to a loss of that freedom.

Our success in educating and electing officials this year will directly correlate to our success in the 2019 Texas Legislature. Won’t you join us in the fight for freedom by becoming a member of THSC?

Thank you for helping us “Keep Texas Families Free.”