Imagine trying to launch a business without a unique product or trying to start a restaurant without a unique style. Without a vision, the odds of being an effective and successful company are slim to none. That’s why THSC holds firm to our vision of a bright future for Texas families by championing homeschooling and protecting parental rights.

Input from a grassroots homeschoolers network around the state helps us to continue enhancing our vision. Because this network of homeschoolers are in favor of freedom for families, this drives us to continue our efforts Keeping Texas Families Free.

To continue advocating for Texas families, THSC has focused on learning more about their needs, concerns and hopes. In practice, we are spending as much time as possible listening to Texans at the grassroots level. THSC is now actively engaging individuals in two primary ways:

  1. We are starting THSC Rangers Cubs around the state to train students in government, civics, policy and elections.
  2. THSC has recruited homeschool leaders all over the state to join THSC candidate vetting committees to interview and vet candidates.

THSC Rangers Clubs: Raising the Next Generation of Leaders

THSC is working tirelessly to start THSC Rangers Clubs around the state. These clubs fit seamlessly into a co-op or local homeschool group schedule by focusing on government or civics. The teaching elements combine lectures, exercises and practical class projects that are designed to teach students about the political world.

The purpose of these clubs is to encourage students to become politically engaged and active, which will carry into their adult life.

THSC is looking for homeschool leaders like you to partner with and start these clubs all over the state. With THSC’s newly designed curriculum, it is easier than ever to start a local club.

Get more information on partnering with THSC to start a THSC Rangers Club!

THSC Candidate Vetting Committees: Endorsing with Integrity

The second primary way that THSC is actively listening to grassroots homeschoolers is through THSC Candidate Vetting Committees. THSC is working to establish these committees all over the state, and we are partnering with homeschool leaders as members and chairmen of these committees.

Through these committees, THSC is striving to endorse the best qualified candidates in your community. Candidates that are endorsed by THSC are personally invested in protecting the freedoms and liberties of families and homeschoolers.

If you believe in THSC’s cause and have an interest in your local politics, join one of THSC’s candidate vetting committees today.

Get more information on joining a THSC Candidate Vetting Committee!

You Are The Grassroots

In addition to these two exciting opportunities that THSC is committed to, THSC is looking for your direct input. Please reach out to us to tell us what is important to you and how we can advocate for you.

By helping us understand the issues that are affecting you and your family, you are helping us continue Keeping Texas Families Free!

Finally, we encourage all grassroots homeschoolers to sign up for email alerts to stay updated on how THSC is fighting for Texas families. Also, be sure to encourage your friends, family, and other homeschoolers to join our shared vision!

Grassroots Connections: The Key to Advocacy