For years, THSC has provided intervention and advocacy services on behalf of homeschool students and families.

You might think our commitment stops when your students graduate from their homeschool high schools, but THSC takes it a step further.

In 2015, THSC helped pass Senate Bill 1543 to close a loophole ensuring that homeschool applicants were treated equally by public institutions of higher education in Texas.

Since then, THSC has intervened on behalf of numerous homeschool graduates to hold academic administrations accountable to this new law. Fortunately, these institutions have typically been responsive when contacted by THSC to be brought into compliance.

THSC Begins Conversation with UTA

Early in 2017, THSC discovered that the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) had different admission standards for homeschool applicants compared to public school applicants.

While the university sorted and admitted students by standardized test scores, THSC discovered that UTA only admitted homeschool applicants on a “review-only” basis. THSC took action to intervene on behalf of homeschool applicants.

After verifying with the office of admissions that UTA was only admitting homeschool applicants on a review-only basis, THSC wrote a letter to the Office of Admissions stating that the admission policy for homeschool applicants was unlawful.

THSC noted in the letter to UTA that the Texas Education Code requires institutes of higher education to treat homeschool applicants equally to public school applicants. Furthermore, these public schools cannot place homeschool applicants into a default class rank.

THSC also took the following action in our correspondence with UTA:

– THSC copied state and UTA officials on all correspondence according to our standard procedure.

– THSC requested that the university work with their departments to bring the admission requirements for homeschool applicants into compliance with state law.

– THSC requested that UTA update their website to correctly reflect their new policies when brought into compliance.

UTA’s Response to the Intervention and Compliance

THSC followed up with UTA multiple times to ensure receipt of the letter and to ensure that it was delivered to the correct staff members.

THSC specifically worked with Vice President of Enrollment Management Dr. Troy Johnson, Janie Harris, and Eric Mason to ensure that their admission standards were updated.

Then, in July 2017, THSC was informed that UTA had updated their admission standards to ensure that they were in compliance with the Texas Education Code and Senate Bill 1543. UTA also informed us that their website had been updated to reflect these changes.

This was a positive change for homeschoolers seeking fair admissions standards. The result highlights that THSC is determined to ensure that homeschool graduates are treated fairly in accordance with the law when applying to public Texas colleges and universities.

This example of THSC working with UTA captures our mission to protect and defend homeschoolers on their journey, even at the university level. We are thankful to UTA for their commitment to complying with the law to ensure homeschool graduates receive equal opportunities to advance in their educational pursuits.

THSC is proud that UTA is a key sponsor of our THSC Arlington Convention each year. Be sure to find their booth at our annual Arlington Convention, next taking place in 2018.

Also, consider attending UTA’s next homeschool campus visit day on Friday, October 13, 2017! For more information, contact Eric Mason with the UTA Undergraduate Admissions department by phone at (817) 272-3702 or via email:

Is your homeschool graduate in a similar position requiring intervention with a Texas state college or university?

Interventions are just one of several important member benefits offered by THSC when you sign up. After you sign up, be sure to contact THSC so that we can intervene on your family’s behalf to fight for the rights of your homeschool graduate. This is just one way that THSC continues our mission Keeping Texas Families Free!

THSC Intervention: Working with UTA to Achieve Homeschool Compliance

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