If you’ve been watching THSC’s newsfeed, you may have heard the announcement that a generous supporter has offered to double the first $5,000 of contributions to THSC’s efforts during the Special Legislative Session in Austin.

This is terrific news for homeschoolers and parents alike! Why? It will provide a substantial boost to our efforts to protect the rights of families during the Special Legislative Session.

But, we need your help. During the regular session, homeschoolers saw enormous success in our legislative efforts. Why should we lose that momentum? In order for us to continue this fight, it is important for the whole whole homeschool community to pull together in support.

Why Should You Contribute?

Last week, we posted an update from THSC Public Policy Director Jeremy Newman about the dangerous HB 1549 bill that captures why THSC is adamant about defending parental rights in Texas.

This bill from the regular session earlier this year threatened Texas families with arbitrary CPS harassment. However, because of the efforts of THSC, as well as many other organizations and activists, this bill was ultimately changed to remove these harmful provisions.

What would have happened if no one was watching to catch the potentially harmful HB 1549?

Because so many people came together to support the work of the THSC Watchmen during the regular session, the THSC team caught this problem and were able to get the problem corrected.

During the Special Legislative Session, families face the same types of threats. What will you do about it?

Activism During the Special Legislative Session Is a Group Effort for Everyone

In Texas, citizen activism is not only widely known, it is a time-honored tradition. Freedom is precious to Texans and we never let it go without a fight.

However, most of us face a major obstacle to actively fighting for our freedoms in Austin. It isn’t that we don’t care, but how many of us could pick up at a moment’s notice, leave kids and work unattended, and head to Austin to take a stand for parental rights?

In practice, many of us just cannot do it. However, that does not mean we cannot be involved. A homeschool mother recently put it like this:

“If I weren’t homeschooling I would want to be in Austin, but I am homeschooling. Supporting THSC with time and money gives me a way to be a part of this crucial work.”

And that is just it! THSC has vowed to defend homeschoolers and families at any cost.

We do not pretend to be able to do this alone, though. This has always been a group effort. Just like during the regular session, the work required in the Special Legislative Session requires the support of the entire homeschool community to get the job done.

Your Opportunity to Make Double the Impact via Matched Contribution!

If you are like most Texans who want to fight for your freedoms but cannot afford to be a full-time activist in Austin, now is your time to make a difference by donating to THSC.

THSC is committed to fighting on behalf of every Texas family to protect our collective futures. Even better, if you donate now you will be making double the impact through the offer from a generous supporter to match the first $5,000 in donations to our Special Legislative Session fund.

Click the link below to make a contribution of $35, $50, $100, $200, or your best gift to this important fight as we join together Keeping Texas Families Free!

Donate to THSC
Your Contribution Will Double the Impact During Special Legislative Session!