While THSC has been sounding the alarm about the public education establishment lining up to oppose candidates in the Republican primary that support homeschooling, the latest horror story in California has prompted national calls for legislation specifically targeting homeschool families with background checks and annual welfare visits by government officials.

The chances are good that the public education establishment will push for such legislation to be filed in Austin next year.

In fact, similar legislation that could be used in this manner was killed by homeschoolers and our friends in the Texas Legislature last year. This clear and present danger makes it critical that homeschool families in Texas make every effort in the upcoming Republican 2018 primary to vote for candidates who will support freedom for Texas families and against candidates who have made it clear that they will not do so.

Critical Races

One of those critical races is Sen. Joan Huffman in Senate District 17 (just outside of Houston). Huffman recently reached out to THSC and set up a meeting that I attended in Austin with THSC staff. We had a very productive discussion, and she agreed to facilitate meetings with us and others to draft legislation amending the Texas Family Code to protect Texas families from lawsuit abuses.

Huffman has been endorsed by Governor Abbott and targeted by unions for defeat.

Huffman’s opponent is one of those who comes from the ranks of the public education establishment that is working hard to get public school supporters to cross over from the Democratic primary and vote against conservative legislators in the Republican primary instead.

Huffman’s opponent never responded to THSC to give us her opinion on our issues. We take this to mean that she doesn’t want our support, and would likely vote for efforts to regulate homeschooling. She is also supported by House Speaker Joe Straus, who has been the single largest obstacle to the passage of pro-family legislation in Texas.

Huffman’s commitment to proactively assist with drafting legislation over the summer to protect Texas families is a significant step towards the passage of important reforms.

Any legislation attempting to require welfare checks on homeschool families could likely be sent to the State Affairs Committee in the Texas Senate, of which Huffman serves as the chair. It is critical that we elect legislators who will defend families and their right to raise and educate their children as they wish.

2018: A Critical Election

THSC vetting committees diligently interviewed and reviewed candidates all over the state to help Texas families become informed voters. Visit this page for more election primary endorsements.

Protect Your Family: Join THSC

Another way to protect your family from the kind of invasive action by CPS or other government workers  that the opponents of homeschooling want to enact is to be a member of the Texas Home School Coalition. Not only will you be protected from the kind of interference that CPS often perpetrates on Texas families, but you will be part of the community which  helps protect other innocent families. We believe that families raising children is a God-given right and calling. We believe that homeschooling is the best model for educating children.

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