Many Texas homeschooling families have been treated unfairly by CPS and targeted for investigation because of their choice to homeschool. The accusations facing some homeschool parents by caseworkers who have an axe to grind are often outrageous and factually inaccurate, such as accusing one family of having no “state approved” homeschool curriculum.

Is CPS Really a Problem for Homeschoolers?

Last year alone, THSC received 84 calls from homeschool families facing CPS problems. In response to this threat, THSC offers our members free legal assistance for homeschool related cases and a 24-hour CPS hotline for free CPS consultations and emergencies. THSC contracted with Houston CPS defense attorney and homeschool dad Chris Branson to represent THSC members in these cases.

What Branson Has Done for THSC Members

In addition to numerous consultation calls with families around the state, Branson has represented 29 THSC members in CPS cases since 2014. Eight of those cases are still active today.

Branson is well-known around the state as an expert defender of families against CPS. THSC and many families are truly indebted to him for his service.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

One of THSC’s main legislative priorities is passing CPS reform legislation to protect homeschool families and parents from abusive CPS investigations. THSC worked with Branson and other homeschool CPS attorneys to draft the Parent Child Protection Act which we will introduce in the 2017 legislative session.

If passed, this bill will protect Texas families by:

  • Ensuring children are not subject to unnecessary investigations or removals
  • Closing loopholes in current law that allow CPS to ignore deadlines
  • Allowing for an effective defense while they remain innocent until proven guilty

Homeschoolers and parents have battled CPS for long enough. THSC is taking this battle to the legislature to pass reforms that will guard families from the unlawful and abusive investigations that have become all too common from CPS.

What Can You Do?

  • Join THSC today and take advantage of this free CPS consultation and other great member benefits!
  • Support THSC and Chris Branson today by making a generous financial donation today and designating it to go to the Parental Rights Litigation Fund to aid those who are Keeping Texas Families Free.