How Homeschooling Changes the Culture


May 8, 2019 Changing the culture is a long and challenging movement and homeschooling significantly contributes to this process. Over the last 30 years we have gone from virtually no one understanding the concept and [...]

How Homeschooling Changes the Culture2019-08-15T19:19:30-05:00

Homeschooling 1st Grade (A Comprehensive Guide)


Homeschooling 1st grade! It’s official—Kindergarten is over and you’re on the count to graduation now! Here’s everything you need in one place to get you started and keep you on track for homeschooling first grade. [...]

Homeschooling 1st Grade (A Comprehensive Guide)2019-10-27T15:50:36-05:00

Homeschool Curriculum Review: BookShark


I've Been Daydreaming of a Curriculum Like This When I daydream about being a great homeschooling mom, the picture always looks something like sitting on the sofa surrounded by my kids, reading them a book, [...]

Homeschool Curriculum Review: BookShark2019-09-12T00:06:09-05:00

How to Homeschool


Homeschooling is a great way to educate your child; foster a strong and cohesive family life; and have an impact on the influences that surround your child. These benefits sound fantastic, but you may be [...]

How to Homeschool2019-09-11T12:55:53-05:00
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