A Special Needs Support Group (SNSG) is an association of volunteers organized and operated by independent home schoolers for the purpose of assisting and encouraging each other as they pursue the choice of home educating their children who have special needs. Special Needs is defined as any physical, medical, mental, emotional, or behavioral condition causing a child to have difficulty functioning in the ways that the world would deem as “normal.”

To locate a SNSG in your area, contact leaders@thsc.org.

THSC is also proud to offer a “virtual” Special Needs Support Group as a means of uniting parents of special needs children from all over the state of Texas!  Joining the group will allow you to meet others who home school their loved one with special needs, ask questions, and get support while walking on the same path.

The SPED Homeschool Special Needs Support Group offers a safe venue for parents to come and get the support they need any time of day. It is a closed group so no one can view the information or the context of the posts unless they are members of the group.

If you would like to join the SPED Homeschool Special Needs Support Group, ask to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spedhomeschoolsupport/

Special Needs Support Group Training Program – Family Module

THSC also offers a series of free training videos for parents and older students. This is part of our effort to prepare home school groups and special needs families for successful group experiences.

These videos were developed by the THSC Special Needs team to foster understanding of the unique nature of incorporating a special needs student and family into a home school group. The videos are from the perspective of every participant to cultivate a positive and encouraging environment.

Videos for Special Needs Parents

Videos for All Parents in a Group

Videos for Older Special Needs Students

Videos for All Older Students in a Group