What Parents of Special Needs Children Want Others to Understand About Them

Often it is difficult for parents of typical children to understand the world parents of special needs kids struggle through.  This video gives parents in a co-op an inside view into the life of a special needs parent to promote greater understanding of special needs families who become part of their communities.

What Parents of Special Needs Children Want You to Understand About Their Kids

Children who struggle with special needs are often misunderstood as to why they do the things they do.  This video gives parents of typical students a greater understanding of these often misinterpreted behaviors as well as ways for co-op families to initiate and find joy in interacting with special needs students in their community.

How to Let a Special Needs Parent Know You Care

Parents who have special needs children need people who are willing to be friends through the difficult and often hard to manage parts of their lives.  This video provides concrete ideas on how to engage in and support the lives of special needs parents so they feel cared for as part of your home school group community.