THSC encourages all homeschool families to join a local homeschool group. Homeschool groups support families by helping them feel connected and providing many options for home educators!

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Homeschool groups are vital to the homeschooling experience. Our easy search tool can help you locate a group in your area!

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Types of Homeschool Groups

Not sure what types of groups to look for? The THSC homeschool group definitions page provides clear explanations.

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Meet the THSC Homeschool Group Presenters

Planning to attend a local group event featuring a THSC speaker? Looking for a THSC presentation coming to your area? Meet our homeschool experts who speak to homeschool groups across Texas and discover the next THSC presentation hosted by your local group.

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Homeschool Group Leaders

Are you a homeschool group leader? THSC offers valuable resources to enhance your leadership. THSC Partner Groups also receive exclusive benefits to help support your members.

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