Do you want to influence the next generation of conservative leaders?

Are you passionate about training up a generation to take a stand for conservative values and speak out against immorality and injustice that has crept into the world of politics?

Do you want to help instill a passion for government and policy in the next generation of public servants?

You can play a vital role in building conservative leaders if you have access to these three resources:

  1. Two hours of your time per week.
  2. Friends that are passionate about maintaining Texas’ traditional, conservative values and standards.
  3. A place to meet such as a co-op, home, or church.

Introducing the THSC Rangers Program

The THSC Rangers are student clubs in the state of Texas that are politically active and made up of members who encourage their youth to become involved in the battle.

THSC had a powerful and unique vision in mind when we created the THSC Rangers program:

  1. Educate candidates and government officials, especially judicial candidates, about parental rights and homeschooling.
  2. Provide homeschoolers with an amazing educational opportunity to work in campaigns and elections while learning firsthand about “good citizenship.”
  3. Elect candidates, especially judges, who will apply the law and protect parental rights and homeschooling.
  4. Raise up a generation of conservative leaders that will uphold parental rights and homeschooling in Texas.

If you are as excited about this program as we are, we will show you how you can partner with THSC and other homeschool parents around the state to grow this movement. Here is what is required.

Rangers Program Requirement: Two Hours of Your Time Per Week

THSC is looking to partner with homeschool parents like you to start THSC Rangers clubs across Texas.

We know your time as a parent and home educator is valuable, so THSC has developed the lessons that you will teach and the plans that you need to be successful. This will only require two hours of your time each week.

Rangers Requirement: A Group of Like-Minded Conservative Friends

As a THSC Rangers club leader, you will have the opportunity to gather like-minded friends and families to actively impact the future of our great state.

As the club leader, you will invite parents and students to learn about the political process and fight for families within their own sphere of influence.

Rangers Requirement: A Place to Meet as a Group

Once you establish your group and membership, it is important to have a consistent place to meet as a club.

We recommend meeting regularly at a location similar to a co-op, such as a house, church, or school.

We Need You to Build Conservative Leaders

If you are motivated to be politically active and have a desire to raise up and challenge the next generation, then this opportunity is perfect for you.

Fill out the Rangers Club form now to receive more information about partnering with THSC to start a THSC Rangers club in your region of the state.

As you commit to this program, you are helping the next generation of conservative leaders join with us Keeping Texas Families Free!