December 18, 2018

Homeschooling Works!

When the modern homeschool movement began to be noticed by the public in the 1980s the consensus was to question whether or not families could really educate their own children.

In fact, many went so far as to say that allowing parents to make this decision would result in young people who were not only uneducated but who would also not be able to function in a modern society.

What’s the real story?

The argument that allowing families to choose to educate their children themselves would not work has been thoroughly rebutted. The data is clear and overwhelming: homeschooling works and produces not only students who do well academically, but who are also socially well-adjusted.

Here’s an example:

Homeschool graduate Noel Jett has recently earned her Ph.D. at the University of North Texas—the youngest student ever to do so at that university. That’s right! A 19-year-old Texas homeschool graduate has earned her doctorate in educational psychology and her dissertation was on the topic of college students who are 15 or younger.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Texas A&M University at the age of 16 and her Ph.D. in education at 19.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram said, “She said there is a place in the complicated, nuanced and often controversial topic of gifted and talented education to address how educators meet the needs of a 7-year-old who is ready for algebra courses.”

Her mother said they chose homeschooling because she “needed an academic environment that addressed her level of learning and her inquisitiveness.”

Ms. Jett is just the latest example of the fact that homeschooling works and gives families more freedom to make educational decisions for their children. This proves that homeschooling is not only good for the children, it’s good for our society.

Homeschooling offers a high-quality education. Do you support homeschooling? Consider signing up to receive updates on THSC’s legislative work to protect the right of families to raise and educate their children.

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December 11, 2018

The Coming Storm (How You Can Help in Keeping Texas Families Free)

Since early this spring, THSC has been sounding the alarm on several threats to the freedom that Texas families enjoy regarding being able to make decisions for their children, including the freedom to teach their children at home.

600 Percent Increase in Harassment of Homeschoolers in Texas

THSC has intervened for 25 innocent families this year in response to unwarranted Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations. We have seen a 600 percent increase in families dealing with harassment or prosecution as they seek to withdraw from public school in order to homeschool their children.

This increase came immediately following a push in the national media for increased scrutiny on homeschools.

Increased regulation on homeschoolers has been urged this year by opponents of homeschooling and some Texas news outlets.

But there’s a catch:

We responded to this push for regulation of homeschooling in Texas with an editorial that was published around the state. Following a national push against homeschooling, anti-homeschool regulation was proposed in at least six states.

We even went to court recently in Austin to defend one such family from unlawful prosecution by a school district.

The list goes on and on. What is the cause of this attack against families? If the law is clear, why do these families face this onslaught by government agencies? Unfortunately, many believe that families should not be trusted to make decisions for their children without oversight from government workers.

What’s the real story?

Some Texas officials want to limit the right of families to make decisions for their children. They think that some families should not be allowed to homeschool their children, and sometimes they even instigate an investigation of a family by making anonymous allegations to CPS.

The average family is often unaware of the law and unable to defend themselves. That is why they need someone to stand in the gap.

Current Fight Against the Social Security Administration

We are in an ongoing protracted battle with the Social Security Administration (SSA) on behalf of a single mom and her family. The SSA has violated its own policy and cut off benefits for this single homeschool mom and her child because of their decision to homeschool. THSC will continue to intervene until the federal agency follows its own policy and treats her the same way as it would treat any other family.


Interventions on behalf of homeschool graduates who were being discriminated against in college admission at state universities has been another focus for THSC this year. Several students are finally in college after universities amended their admission policies to end the unlawful discrimination.

The 2019 Legislative Session: THSC Watchmen Standing Guard

We are now preparing for the coming legislative session in Austin. One priority will be pushing legislation to hold CPS accountable to follow the law for the protection of innocent families. This is a continuation of our successful efforts last session passing measures to prevent abuse by CPS against innocent families.

We will also be on guard against any effort by legislators to restrict the freedom of families in Texas to homeschool.

Bottom line?

Next year, the THSC policy team will be in Austin to guard against any effort to bring homeschool regulations to Texas.

I can’t emphasize this enough:

It’s been said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and that is certainly true in today’s environment. It seems that on every front there are those who want the government—rather than families—to make decisions for children. That is why we must never relent or back down when it comes to protecting the families of Texas.

But we need your help.

To quote the late President George H.W. Bush, “We know what works: Freedom works. We know what’s right: Freedom is right. We know how to secure a more just and prosperous life for man on Earth: through free markets, free speech, free elections and the exercise of free will unhampered by the state.”

Will you support THSC with your prayers and your most generous year-end gift to help us battle for Keeping Texas Families Free? We are eternally grateful for those who support us in the fight to protect the families of Texas. God bless you!

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December 4, 2018

Homeschooling Is the Future

Homeschooling has come a long way since my family started our journey in 1984. Back then, the state prosecuted homeschooling families and most curriculum providers wouldn’t sell curriculum to us. In Texas, homeschoolers fought a political, legal and spiritual battle to exercise our God-given right and calling to raise our children as we saw fit.

What’s the real story?

Along the way, we’ve proven that families can successfully educate their children. More and more families are choosing to take full control of the education of their children, with an estimated 150,000 Texas families schooling well over 350,000 children.

Here’s the deal:

Homeschooling is the fastest-growing educational alternative in the country, with an estimated two million children across the country. The face of homeschooling has changed as more minorities decide to teach their own children for various reasons.

We are also seeing different strands of homeschooling develop as families discover various creative ways to teach their children and provide them educational experiences. This is the free market at work.

Bottom line?

Families who have a God-given right and calling to raise their children as they see fit are proving that they can provide a better custom education than institutions.

It is not a stretch to say that homeschooling has turned the academic world upside down and provided liberty and freedom to families so that they can provide the best education for each of their children. Parents really do know what is best for their children and the more choices that families have, the better for them, their children and our society.

I can’t emphasize this enough:

We believe that raising children is a family’s God-given right and calling, which is why we support families with encouragement and practical resources. Check out a wealth of information and resources for homeschool families at and, and sign up to receive our email and blog updates.

Homeschooling is the future!

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