July 10, 2018

I came across an article in The Federalist which clearly outlines the danger that we’ve been warning about for months. An organization is running a national campaign to use cases of abuse or neglect to encourage a call for radical state regulation of homeschooling in every state of the union.

This article points out the failure of government agencies and workers at almost every level that has resulted in the tragedy involving the family in question. This, by the way, is usually the case.

For decades in Texas we have dealt with calls from those who believe that government regulation is the solution to every problem; that more state regulation of homeschooling is the solution to every case in which a child is abused or neglected in a homeschool family.

The reality is that in almost every one of those cases, Child Protective Services has been involved or aware of the situation and not taken appropriate action.

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This is the case in Connecticut—the bureaucracies that failed to protect an innocent child are now trying to scapegoat homeschoolers and argue that the solution is to pass legislation that would greatly reduce the freedom currently enjoyed by families in Connecticut.

The Federalist put it this way:

“Targeting homeschooling families in the wake of child abuse cases in which there is so much evidence that school districts and state agencies failed to perform their duties to protect children seems beyond comprehension. This is even more so when we consider that these same schools and agencies will be asked to oversee many already successful homeschoolers.”

We have been responding to news stories and editorials across Texas highlighting this issue and calling for Texas to regulate homeschooling. Our responses have been published in The Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express News, The Texas Tribune and the San Angelo Times.

The national media has focused on homeschooling. There is a dramatic increase of the number of families considering homeschooling due to the recent shootings in public schools, and safety has become a tipping point for some families as they contemplate a course of action for the approaching 2018-19 school year.

In spite of the thousands of families in Texas who are considering homeschooling, we could face an attempt in next year’s legislative session to radically restrict homeschooling.

We must be prepared.

The first step is to ensure that we elect legislators who support the God-given right of families to raise their children as they see fit. That will happen in November. THSC will be providing input as the election draws near and we’ll be watching when the legislature meets. We are prepared to sound the alarm should some legislator try to take our freedom.

Thank you for praying for us and for fighting with us.

We believe that homeschooling is the best education model and we support families in making and carrying out that decision. Will you help us continue Keeping Texas Families Free to homeschool? Please donate today.

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