The special 2017 Texas Legislative session has arrived and homeschoolers are gearing up to defend parental rights and fight legislation that oversteps the bounds of government.

THSC is carefully watching several parental rights issues that are in the spotlight and we are ready to jump in when needed.

To recap, here is a list of the issues from Governor Abbott’s Special Session Call that homeschoolers need to watch out for:

  • Privacy Act: Parents, not the government, should have control over basic safety decisions for their child, such as the use of co-ed bathrooms, locker rooms, and other public facilities.
  • DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Order Reform: THSC will work to ensure that parents retain the right to make end-of-life decisions for their child.
  • ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) for Special Needs Students: THSC will work to ensure that homeschooling and parental rights are protected in bills that focus on parental choice in education.

Important Special Session Issue: The Texas Privacy Act

The Texas Privacy Act has garnered the most public attention leading into the special session.

The Privacy Act, also known as “The Bathroom Bill,” aims to protect citizens (especially children) in public restrooms. Recently, there has been a growing attempt by schools and other public institutions to force families to expose their children to potentially dangerous situations with members of the opposite sex in restrooms, locker rooms, and other designated facilities.

The Privacy Act will protect the authority of parents by preventing cities and schools from imposing these dangerous policies on families against their will. It also prevents cities from strong-arming private businesses into changing their policies on this issue. THSC will be working with several other conservative organizations to pass this legislation in the special session.

How You Can Support THSC’s Efforts in the Special Session

THSC will continue fighting for Texas families as part of a team effort across the homeschool community. Therefore, we need your prayerful and financial help!

If you are looking for a time when your contribution will make the most difference, now is the time. Please consider donating to the legislative work of THSC to defend the rights of all Texas families, including your own!

Your donation will also have double the impact during the special session. THSC is grateful for a generous donor who has pledged to match up to $5,000 of donations! This is the time to stand up for parental rights in Texas.


With these important issues on the line, it is imperative that families are aware, vigilant, and involved during the special session. Be sure to sign up for email communication or update your communication preferences to stay updated on progress in Austin. This is how we join together Keeping Texas Families Free!

Why Parental Rights Are on the Line in the 2017 Special Session