A Perfect Run for Pro-Family Candidates in Texas Legislature Races

As November 9th dawns, such an absolutely incredible and historic election is imprinted in the memory of Americans. For weeks to come, the media and political pollsters will rehash how Donald Trump managed to win a race that most predicted Hillary Clinton would sweep.

In what’s being called a “stunning upset,” the Republican party now controls the House, Senate, and Presidency, something it hasn’t done since 1929 except for under President George W. Bush in 2003-2006.

Similarly in Texas races, Republicans had an extraordinary showing, with new seats won and many incumbents re-elected. One hundred percent of the candidates that THSC endorsed for their pro-family, pro-home schooling stances were elected to the Texas House and Texas Senate! Among the victors are numerous conservatives that THSC endorsed in the 2016 Primary and Runoff Elections.

The Texas Senate

Every THSC-endorsed candidate for the Texas Senate won their races by 70% or more.

The Texas Senate during the 2015 legislative session was perhaps the most conservative body up to that time, and home schoolers benefitted from it significantly. The senate unanimously passed the Equal College Opportunity Bill and it went on to be signed by Gov. Abbott. Additionally, THSC’s UIL equal access bill (the Tim Tebow bill) received an overwhelming vote of 27-4 in favor, passing the senate, thanks in no small part to the support of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

After last night’s victories, prospects for the 2017 legislative session look even brighter. THSC looks forward to working with these new and returning senators.

The Texas House

Conservatives also celebrated many victories in the not-so-conservative Texas House. In particular, THSC congratulates these hard-won races:

  • Incumbent Paul Workman – HD 47, won with 53.6% of the vote.
  • Incumbent Jonathan Stickland – HD 92, won with 55.6% of the vote.
  • Incumbent Rodney Anderson – HD 105, won with 50.1% of the vote.
  • Incumbent Matt Rinaldi – HD 115, won with 50.95% of the vote.

While the Texas House remains the far more liberal branch of the Texas Legislature, it is encouraging to know that home schoolers and parents have conservative champions they can depend on.

Other Texas Races

Historically, most Texas statewide races are won by Republicans, and last night was no exception. All but two of THSC-endorsed candidates for local offices won the 2016 General Election.

So where does Texas stand now for home schoolers?

Texas Home schoolers and parents are well positioned going into the 2017 legislative session. As we have for the last 30 years, THSC is working hard in Austin to protect parental rights and home schoolers. THSC’s highest priority for the legislative session is finding and stopping bad legislation. Additionally, these are the three priority issues that THSC will promote in 2017.

  1. Parent-Child Protection Act (CPS Reform)
  2. Family Unity Act (Parental Rights Reform)
  3. The Tim Tebow bill, THSC’s UIL equal access legislation

The 2016 General Election outcomes give parents and home schoolers a strong slate of advocates for Keeping Texas Families Free.

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