How much is peace of mind worth? Ask Eulalia Meeks, custodial grandmother to her four grandchildren, whom she chose to home school. After following the proper procedures to withdraw her children from public school, she was harassed with daily phone calls from teachers, administrators, and the truant officer. When the truant officer showed up at her door with the local police, demanding to physically see the children and the home school curriculum, she had enough. Eulalia picked up the phone and called Tim Lambert, THSC president. Watch this short video to find out what happened next.

So how can we do all that we do to help people like Eulalia? We can do it because of your support. Just by being a member of the Texas Home School Coalition, you are not only benefitting your family, you are protecting them. Joining THSC Association connects your family with other home schoolers, allows your voice to be heard via the work we do, and assures you there is someone ready to stand beside you and fight for your home school rights should the need arise.

What are you waiting for? Join the fight for freedom.