Many people consider New York City the epicenter of the finance and investment world. Getting a job in the competitive NYC finance market is no small accomplishment. However, what if your homeschool diploma from 10 years ago was the only thing standing between you and an exciting new financial job in New York?

Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to Danielle back in June. She was offered a phenomenal job in New York City with a well-known financial company. After she accepted the job, the company started the hiring and on-boarding process.

This is where everything came to a halt. When the company discovered that Danielle had been homeschooled in Texas, they told her that they could not accept her homeschool diploma. They also requested that more information be provided to them to verify Danielle’s diploma.

At this point, Danielle and her mother reached out to THSC for assistance. Member interventions are one of THSC’s main benefits.

In member interventions, THSC advocates on behalf of our members with government agencies, institutions of higher education and even businesses such as the financial company that hired Danielle.

Texas state law views homeschool graduates as equivalent to graduates from accredited public and private schools.

It is common that we have to remind agencies and institutions of this fact. Our intervention for Danielle cited state law to show the company hiring her that homeschool graduates are considered legitimate high school graduates in Texas.

Fortunately, THSC’s intervention was successful in explaining to the company that Danielle’s homeschool diploma was valid.  By July, THSC received word that Danielle’s on-boarding had continued unhindered shortly after the intervention.

THSC is never shy about reminding or informing organizations of state law. Is THSC in your corner? Join THSC today to ensure that you are protected next time your family needs an advocate. This is one of many ways that we are Keeping Texas Families Free!

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