From a public policy perspective, opponents of freedom for homeschooling families are using every tragedy to push for government regulation of homeschooling just as they have with the Turpin abuse case in California.

Lawmakers there are now pushing legislation to require a “diverse advisory committee” to look at three specific areas of homeschooling: health and safety inspections, specific curriculum standards and certification of homeschool teachers.

Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, the author of AB 2926, responded to the flood of calls against her bill by saying, “Contrary to the concerns being expressed, the bill does not establish any restrictions or requirements on homeschools.

“Rather, AB 2926 simply requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to establish a diverse advisory committee to provide suggestions to the superintendent and the Legislature on potential changes to the administration of in-home private schools, if appropriate and feasible. I believe this is a modest step to take to ensure we are achieving the best educational outcomes for homeschooled children.”

This is a clear effort to start a process that will end in restricting the freedom of homeschool families in California.

On the Rise: The War Against Families

While these frontal assaults against homeschool families are happening all over the country, we are also seeing attacks against families by medical and dental practitioners using the threat of calling CPS and alleging abuse or neglect if the family fails to follow the direction of the medical provider.

The assault by the state against the family seems to be escalating, and every time we see a horrible tragedy, those who are anti-family always argue that the only solution is more government control.

Homeschoolers should not panic or be fearful. This is not the first time that opponents of freedom for families have used this tactic, and we fully expect them to use the Austin bombing tragedy and the Turpin abuse case to try to justify legislation in Austin next year to limit the freedom of Texas families.

THSC will be prepared and ready to defend families and will empower you to take action when necessary.

In the meantime, let’s take action in the Republican primary runoff and the general election in November to elect people who believe as we do—that families have a God-given right to raise and educate their children. More information on the runoff election will be coming soon.

Thank you for joining the call for Keeping Texas Families Free!

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