The following is a sample letter to email or mail to your school district as a response to their request for more information or for you to come to the school to fill out paperwork.

  1. Copy and paste the text below, providing the appropriate information in areas in [brackets], and email to the person who contacted you, as well as to the school principal, counselor, attendance clerk, and superintendent.
  2. If possible, include “read receipt” option. Web-based email may not have this option, but some email programs such as Outlook do.
  3. Also email the letter to us ( and to your local home school support group.

Sample Assurance Letter

(Copy and paste the following text into a new email.)

[Your Address] [Your City, State, ZIP] [Your email address] [Your mobile phone number]


[Date] [Name of Person From School District Who Contacted You] [School Name] [Address] [City, State, ZIP]

Dear Mr(s). [Name of Person From School District Who Contacted You]:

The purpose of this letter is to respond to your inquiry regarding our home school and to assure you that we have a curriculum that covers the basic educational goals of reading, spelling, grammar, math, and a study of good citizenship and that we have been pursuing it in a bona fide manner since [effective date from letter of withdrawal].

According to the Texas Commissioner of Education, it is not necessary for a parent to make an appearance at the school, complete the school’s withdrawal forms, or submit curricula for your review. My child, [Child’s Name], should be disenrolled according to the effective date on my previous letter.

The most recent letter from the Texas Commissioner of Education for your instruction in removing my child from your school attendance roll is available to you on the TEA website. An online version of this letter is available to you at:

I trust you will handle the disenrollment of my child speedily, now that you have written assurance of my compliance with Texas state law.

If you have further questions, please submit them to me in writing at the above address.


[Your Name]

CC: Texas Home School Coalition Association
[Superintendent], [School District Name] ISD
[Local Support Group]