Judge Lisa BeebeAlienation. Grandparent alienation. There were no allegations of child molestation, abuse, or drug or alcohol problems. There was only an allegation of grandparent alienation, and the Russells were left floored. Chassidie Russell recalls, “I didn’t even get to tell her goodbye. They took my daughter away. I passed out and had a seizure because I was so shocked and upset. I wound up having to be taken by an ambulance to the hospital.” Caitlyn was removed from Chassidie’s home and sent to live with Chassidie’s step-father-in-law, who lacked legal standing to file suit in the first place. Read more.

According to an article in Fort Worth Weekly, “In a January 2007 hearing, the Russells arrived with a dozen character witnesses, including teachers, co-workers, and church members. Beebe cleared the court and didn’t allow any of them to speak. ‘She was cussing and yelling and ranting and raving and telling me how horrible a person I was and how horrible a mother I was, and she didn’t have any evidence,’ Chassidie Russell said.”

Chassidie Russell’s statement remains curiously unconfirmed by the court reporter, who, for unknown reasons, had been sent away by Judge Beebe, along with the Russells’ key witnesses. Throughout the duration of the case, there were never even allegations, much less evidence, of abusive or neglectful behavior by the parents. Nevertheless, and in clear violation of the requirements of Texas law, Judge Beebe removed Caitlyn from the safety of her home, under “temporary” orders, and placed her in the possession of “in-laws,” who not only had no blood relation to Caitlyn at all but who had already threatened the family with physical violence if they did not comply with their demands.