We are days away from a new year! For the 2017 THSC Watchmen, part of the hustle and bustle of the season includes completing their advocacy training as policy watch dogs during the upcoming legislative session in Austin. We sat down with Paul Exley, one of our outstanding new THSC Watchmen, to find out how home schooling has prepared him for the tasks ahead.

Paul Exley

THSC: How has your home education prepared you to serve with THSC Watchmen?

Exley: Being home schooled for 11 years gave me many unique opportunities to develop skills and traits that I may not otherwise have had. Because of the flexibility of homeschooling, I was able to cultivate self-discipline and time management skills to accomplish tasks, and then get on to things I wanted to do.

Additionally, I had opportunities to extensively learn about our government and political system, think analytically and most importantly of all, communicate in an effective manner. I was pushed and stretched in both academics and other activities, forcing me to grow and mature as well as providing me with opportunities to lead, innovate and explore new ideas or areas of study.

By home schooling, I was able to work and learn at a pace that suited my abilities, enabling me to retain and truly understand what I learned—and apply that knowledge and understanding in everyday life.

Thanks to the education my parents chose for me, I have been tested and prepared for the “real world,” I’ve been inspired to care about our country and take an active part in what happens in our government, and to never stop learning.

THSC: What would you say to other home school graduates about being involved in government?

Exley: Society and government will not change without individuals who act as catalysts. As home school graduates, we have a unique opportunity and, I believe, an obligation to become involved in our government, to ensure that we can protect the freedoms we have come to love. With great blessings come even greater responsibilities. It is our responsibility to ensure that the numerous blessings we had from being home schooled are not compromised because our government lacks an understanding or connection to home schooling. By becoming active in our government, we can establish that understanding and connection, protecting the freedoms of home schoolers for generations to come.

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