Just last week, the THSC Watchmen helped the THSC events team host the second Capitol Days event of the year. These events give attendees the chance to learn from THSC staff about how to influence the legislative process. After learning about an active piece of legislation in the morning, families visit all 181 legislative offices in the Texas Capitol to discuss the bill.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the THSC Watchmen helped with preparation by drafting most of the material that would be handed out to attendees and legislators on the day of the event. This meant drafting answers to frequently asked questions and one-pagers that succinctly convey the message of the bill.

The night before the event, the team stuffed hundreds of folders, one for each attendee and one for each legislator. These folders contained bill language and all of the literature needed to explain the legislation to the attendees and legislators.

On Tuesday of last week, over 200 homeschoolers showed up at the Capitol to advocate for legislation that would give homeschoolers equal access to UIL extracurricular activities. The THSC Watchmen coordinated audience participation skits to help explain the legislative process.

The reception from legislative offices was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. Have you and your family been able to attend THSC Capitol Days this year? There is still time to register for our third and final THSC Capitol Days on April 3!

THSC believes that parents should be empowered to raise and educate the next generation of leaders. Text “TXHOMESCHOOL” now to 919191 to receive legislative alerts!