Are you one of many families who have suddenly found themselves at home… without having the time to feel properly prepared to jump into having school at home? This list may help equip you as you prepare to keep your child home during unpredictable school closings. These resources are taken from many recommendations of experienced homeschool families.

THSC has compiled this list to help parents when searching for curriculum and teaching aids. THSC does not endorse or recommend one curriculum over another. This is not an exhaustive list; there are hundreds of amazing curriculum providers with all styles of curriculum available.

Resources – apps & articles to support you in this transition:

High School / Dual Credit:

Support for fitting this into your life and working with special scenarios:

Grade level competencies and comprehensive guides:

More Resources:

Connect during a time of social distancing:

Materials & educational curriculum: Pick resources for educational materials to help you get started

Full Curriculum options


Language arts



History / Geography

Good Citizenship

Coding & Computer Science

Foreign language

Resources for families whose primary language is Spanish

College Prep / High School / Dual Credit

Looking for print materials? Below are a few great book list resources for parents:

Suppliers that offer some great literature and reading for students:

We offer so many great ways to find curriculum through our site as well:

Families can learn how to get started, and listen to our free getting started workshops by visiting this easy to share quick link to our site page for an overview of homeschooling:

Staff picks:

Spanish staff picks:

Love homeschooling and thinking about making this transition?