Our homeschool experts will answer many of the questions you have, and probably some you hadn’t thought of yet. You can listen to the audios while house cleaning, exercising or driving!

Ready, Set, Now What Do I Do? (Tim and Lyndsay Lambert)

Where do I get curriculum? Do I have to make bulletin boards? How do I teach several grades at once? Do I need to have lesson plans and give grades? Do I need a lawyer? What about socialization? Exactly what is the law in Texas concerning homeschooling? Tim and Lyndsay Lambert answer these questions and more with advice to new homeschoolers.

Listen to “Ready, Set, Now What Do I Do?

Realistic Organization and Life Management (Beverly Parrish)

Real people tips for keeping up with laundry, meals and cleaning while homeschooling and still having a life.

Who Me? Homeschool? (Roxanne Parks)

Are you unsure or doubtful about your ability to do this? Do you need help to know how to feel empowered and equipped to homeschool your child? These are the exact words that Roxanne said when first contemplating her homeschooling option. She will share how the Lord helped redeem her fears and delivered more than she could have imagined in this often difficult journey.

Which Way Do I Go? (Mary James)

Join Mary for an explanation of the most popular teaching methodologies (textbook, living book, unit studies, classical and unschooling). She shares great tips on many popular curriculum providers and what they offer.

Extra Considerations When Homeschooling a Special Needs Student (Peggy Ployhar)

Peggy Ployhar discusses individualized education programs (IEP), transition planning from high school to life, therapy integration, and curriculum and modifications.

Watch “Extra Considerations When Homeschooling a Special Needs Student”

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