The THSC IEP Generation Tool is an easy-to-use online interface for parents who home school students with special needs, are second language learners, or receive nontraditional home school instruction. This tool creates a document to track student specific testing records, accommodations and modifications, and learning goals.

Below is a guide on how to complete sections of your child’s IEP, write your child’s own IEP and find relevant resources.

Student Information

Most of this section is self-explanatory. But, the section marked “Thorough summary of the child’s current academic and functional performance levels” may seem a bit daunting to a parent who has never written an IEP. Here are some links that will help in writing that section of your student’s IEP:

Diagnostic Reports

The section allows you to keep track of tests and dates relevant to your child’s learning issues. When considering which tests should be included in your student’s records, here are some good resources:

IEP Development Questions

The IEP Development section asks you to consider the best use of the IEP to keep track of things unique to your student. If a subsection applies to the needs of your student, then click “yes.” It will ask you a more detailed question to address a specific issue in your home schooling program.

Also note, there is a section that asks if your student is a second language learner. This section is applicable if your student is completing school work in a language other than their primary language.

IEP Goals

You can add any specific learning goals you have for your child during the academic year. Here are some great links that will help you to write measurable IEP goals.

Also, these are helpful resources to track your student’s goals in their IEP:

IEP Modifications/Accommodations

In addition to listing modifications and accommodations in the IEP Development Questions section, this section allows you to list specific modifications and accommodations per school subject.

The ability to record specific academic subjects is important when creating a student history. It may be used when requesting modifications and/or accommodations from testing boards and higher institutions of learning.

Here are some helpful resources when considering which modifications and accommodations should be documented on your student’s IEP:

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