For Immediate Release:
THSC Statement on House District 13 Race

May 2, 2018
Contact: Stephen Howsley
(469) 759-0375

THSC strives to endorse candidates who share our philosophy of limited government and who we believe will defend freedom for Texas families.

In that regard, Ben Leman has falsely accused conservative organizations and officials who are known to THSC as fellow defenders of liberty.

Like-minded people and organizations do sometimes disagree. However, attacks on character, integrity, and political philosophy are notably different and markedly contrast the speaker against his subject. By opposing groups who support education reform, property tax reform, and freedom for Texas families, Mr. Leman contradicts positions for which he affirmed his support when THSC vetted him as a candidate.

Because of his recent public statements indicating opposition to efforts that we believe are in the best interests of Texas families, we can no longer in good conscience support the candidacy of Mr. Leman. Accordingly, THSC is taking the unprecedented step of withdrawing its endorsement of Ben Leman in the House District 13 race.