As an advocacy organization and resource for families, Texas Home School Coalition has seen it all, or so we thought. We have mourned with families that are hurting and we rejoice with families in the victories they experience. The media and the very nature of our work can often cause us to focus on the negative stories, but THSC also strives to celebrate the victories for homeschooling in Texas—victories where families have the freedom to choose the educational path that is right for their children. And this is one such victory—a school district actually recommending homeschooling to a family, and beyond that, referring that family to Texas Home School Coalition!

Homeschooling: The Right Fit for This Family

THSC was recently contacted by a family who had decided to withdraw their daughter from a public school so that she could apply for an online K-12 public school. The mother was disabled and needed her daughter to accompany her to doctor appointments. The daughter also had severe asthma and therefore often missed school.

What happened next?

Unfortunately, the mother was unable to enroll her daughter in the online school and had to re-enroll her at the public school. While she was at the school to do so, the principal came into the office to speak with her.

He mentioned that he had been homeschooled. Knowing their situation, the principal recommended that the family try homeschooling as an alternative to public school, thinking that it might be a good fit for them. He also mentioned THSC and recommended that the family reach out to us for support and resources.

Why does this matter?

THSC’s customer relations team sent information to this family to get them started and equip them to begin their homeschooling journey. The mother was grateful and mentioned that she wanted to obtain her GED so that she and her daughter could pursue a nursing program together once the latter graduated.

That’s not all…

THSC fights to ensure that homeschooling is rightly recognized as the legitimate education option that it is. Having governmental entities such as school districts acknowledge this fact is just one step in closing this gap. We applaud this public school principal for protecting the best interests of families and for recommending the options that best fit them.

Are you new to homeschooling? We can be a resource for you and can provide you with the tools that you need to successfully educate your children. By Keeping Texas Families Free, we are empowering families to teach their children in the way that is best for them.

We believe that raising children is a family’s God-given right and calling. Join THSC in this fight today by becoming a member.