Despite concerted efforts from anti-family groups to brand homeschooling as a haven for abusers, there are hundreds of thousands of amazing homeschool families who demonstrate the reasons why this movement is the fastest-growing educational alternative and has been sweeping the country for 30 years!

Many people decide to homeschool their children because they have personally met incredible families who teach their children at home.

One Texas mother told me that she decided to teach her children at home because of meeting a homeschooled young man and thinking to herself: “This is what I want my son to be like.” And we hear stories like this all the time.

President Trump shared another great example of homeschooling at the State of the Union address. He highlighted the heartwarming and inspiring story of Albuquerque police officer Ryan Holets and his wife Rebecca, who adopted the baby of a young woman who was struggling with drug addiction.

What President Trump did not say is that Ryan and Rebecca are both products of homeschooling and are also homeschooling their children. The Holets are a fine example of the many amazing families across this great country who sacrificially teach their children at home.

Join Operation Mobilize Homeschoolers!

While the national media and homeschool opponents continue to call for increased state regulation of education and periodic homeschool inspections by state workers, the notion that government intrusion into families could lower the rate of child abuse is undermined by the high number of public-school students who suffer abuse.

THSC is launching Operation Mobilize Homeschoolers across the state to take pre-emptive action against these efforts.

We believe that families have a God-given right and responsibility to make decisions for their children and that the government should not intervene in the lives of loving families with fit parents.

The conservative leaders who defend freedom for families in Texas are under attack. It’s our turn now—they need us to fight for them. Join the Operation Mobilize Homeschoolers today!

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