Driven by focus on the Turpin abuse case in California, Maryland and Kentucky have joined the list of states (including Hawaii, CaliforniaNew Hampshire and Ohio) where legislation has been filed to restrict the right of families who choose to homeschool their children. Such legislation is also being discussed in other states.

Homeschooling: A Safe Educational Choice

A newly released study undermines the narrative that homeschool children are at greater risk of abuse than those in public school and that state regulation of homeschooling would make these children safer. Just as research shows that regulation of homeschooling does not increase student performance, neither does regulation of homeschooling make children safer.

There are also very positive stories about homeschooling indicating that it is becoming more mainstream. In fact, many decide to teach their children at home for safety reasons.

The Brewing Storm for Families and Homeschoolers

This renewed debate of the extent of freedom that parents should have over the rearing of their children reflects the conflict between the two major responses to the question of who should make decisions for children: the parents or the state.

This conflict is growing as we see more court cases where the state removes children from families because someone disagrees with legitimate parenting decisions the parents make for their children.

This is another reason it is so critical for the Texas homeschool community to be active in the political arena. As we have seen over the years, it is much better to deal with elected officials who know homeschoolers and agree with us that families have a God-given right to make decisions for their children than to have to fight legislators who disagree. Once the wrong people are elected, stopping bad legislation is significantly harder.

Combat the Storm!

We are very thankful for the great response to our call to the Texas homeschool community in the recent Republican primary. The runoff in May will be critical to finish this effort and prepare for next year’s legislative session and any possible legislation that would limit the God-given rights of families.

Specific needs of pro-homeschool candidates in the approaching runoff will be a chance for you to get involved in the battle for liberty! Subscribe to the Homeschool Advocacy and News email to stay informed about the upcoming election.

We believe that parents should be empowered to raise the next generation of leaders. Thank you for standing with us in Keeping Texas Families Free!

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