Everything you need to know to access your account!

  1. Membership should be in the name of the parent
  2. A family only needs one membership; not one per student. Membership covers the children that you have legal right to educate. This is typically your biological children, your adopted children, children for which you are the legal guardian, etc.
  1. Please go to: https://www.joinit.org/reset-password
  2. Once you log in, this is how to access the THSC membership portal.
  3. Go to: THSC.org and choose log in at the top of the page
  4. Log in to the membership portal
  1. Go to: THSC.org and choose log in at the top of the page
  2. Log in to the membership portal

It is important to open the member portal pages from your logged-in membership dashboard by selecting: Access your member benefits by clicking here. Please do not bookmark the benefits pages in the portal. If you bookmark the portal, please bookmark the main dashboard page ONLY. The individual benefit pages cannot be opened when bookmarked; you will need to access them from your login page.

Please disable your ad blocker for both my.thsc.org and joinit.org

  1. Clear browser history and cache
  2. Try accessing your membership from an incognito, private, or InPrivate window
  3. This should eliminate any cookie or caching issues.
  4. If you continue having issues, please send us the following information so that we can send this to our technical team:
    1. Membership name and email
    2. Screenshot(s) demonstrating what you see
    3. Name of operating system you are using
    4. Type of device you are using (PC, Mac, mobile, Android, iOS, etc.)
    5. The browser you are using
  5. Email this information to: thsc@thsc.org
  1. If you have disabled trackers on your browser, you will need to whitelist our site to enable tracking*. In order to enable tracking, look in your settings menu. Please whitelist both my.thsc.org and joinit.org.
  2. After adjusting filters, log in to access the THSC membership portal.

*Please note that THSC only uses this tracking to determine how many times a particular benefit is used in an effort to ensure that the benefits we have available are valuable to our members. We sometimes remove benefits that members no longer find useful and we determine that by knowing how often it has been used. We do not track who opens and uses a benefit and we do not share this data outside of THSC.

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