Judge Randy CattertonIn October of 2007, just days after his wife’s death, Jim Loose heard an unexpected knock at his front door. When he answered, a process server was standing there, ready to serve him with legal papers initiated by his late wife’s father, who alleged one thing—and one thing only: that Jim was not going to allow his daughter to attend her own mother’s funeral.

Fort Worth Judge Randy Catterton issued “temporary orders” against this father, calling for the removal of his daughter under this so-called “temporary” arrangement. Three years later Jim Loose was nearing bankruptcy, representing himself in court, and facing the reality that he may never see his daughter again.

In spite of the fact that the in-laws provided no evidence, nor even an allegation, of abuse by Jim towards his daughter, Judge Catterton signed a temporary” court order removing Jim’s daughter from his home and placing her with Jim’s father-in-law.

After spending his entire life savings in a desperate attempt to regain his daughter from the rogue judge and family law attorneys, Jim Loose was near the end of his rope. THSC joined the fight and pushed for a jury trial, which finally ended in an 11-1 decision to return Jim’s daughter to his home. However, in an unprecedented decision, Judge Catterton required Jim to pay the full legal fees for the prosecuting attorney, despite the fact that he won the case. Judge Catterton resigned from office in May of 2013. Read more.