Connect! Webster defines this word several ways, including to have or establish a rapport and to establish a communications connection.  I love to learn how groups connect with each other and with other groups nearby!

A Few Things About My Group

How we operate:
My group operates with a self-appointed board, and members sign a statement of faith.

What my fees cover:
We offer a website for members, and our membership fees cover the cost of the website, as well as event expenses.

What my group offers:
Our support group offers fellowship, field trips, elementary parties, park days, teen events, and mom’s nights.

In addition to membership in our support group, members may join our co-op to attend classes. These classes are member-led, mostly by parents, but we’ve also offered a few classes not led by parents. For example, one was a specialized class taught by an employee of a member; and sometimes we allow graduated siblings of our members to help in teaching. Our classes are held weekly during the fall and the spring semesters, and we host a celebration on the final day of classes with student performances and class displays.

How we connect:
Sometimes we connect with other groups near us for home school expos, prom, or other activities.  We often host a talent show in the fall, and we hold a beautiful graduation ceremony in the spring.  I love connecting with the members of my group and with other groups near mine!

I’d love to hear more about your group in the comments below!

Often, while visiting with the members of my group, questions come up about home schooling in general or questions come up about protecting their right to home school. I am so glad to have THSC in my corner when these questions come up!

Opportunities Available to Groups

Did you know that you have THSC to support you as well?  One of THSC’s purposes is to offer support to leadership and groups. Here are a few of the opportunities that THSC  offers for you:

How to Support Your Families

THSC cares about home school group leaders across Texas, and we want to equip you to support families and help them have access to all of the benefits of THSC membership!