May 8, 2019

Changing the culture is a long and challenging movement and homeschooling significantly contributes to this process.

Over the last 30 years we have gone from virtually no one understanding the concept and the general public thinking that parents could not possibly teach their own children effectively to almost everyone in Texas knowing someone who homeschools and the general public supporting the right of parents to teach their own children. In fact, the evidence that homeschooling works is almost overwhelming.

Years ago, curriculum providers would not sell to homeschoolers, saying homeschoolers were not schools. Today, homeschoolers are a major target of curriculum providers. Co-ops and schools that teach two days per week with students homeschooling the rest of the week proliferate.

Yet in spite of that, we see other countries who are prosecuting families for homeschooling and some states seeking to severely restrict the right of families to homeschool. In fact, teacher unions are very aggressive in seeking high state regulation of homeschooling, arguing that parents are not qualified while the data clearly shows otherwise.

We also see public school groups strongly resisting efforts to allow homeschoolers equal access to public school activities. The discrimination has mostly faded in recent years, although even Texas still holds out on some important issues.

Nevertheless, homeschoolers continue to impact the culture and make progress in eliminating arbitrary barriers that limit families’ choices in educating their children as they see fit. Thanks to all of you who help THSC in this effort of Keeping Texas Families Free and giving families more liberty.

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