It’s mid-March and the THSC Watchmen are working tirelessly to pass each bill on THSC’s 2019 legislative priority list! They are still visiting each of the 181 legislative offices to ask members of both chambers to co-author THSC’s pro-family legislation.

The team is also requesting hearings on bills and is preparing witnesses to testify for the bills that are most important to Texas families. The THSC Watchmen are doing everything that they can to ensure success during this legislative session.

Texas Faith and Family Day: Teaching Families to Lobby

Last Wednesday, the THSC legislative team participated in the Texas Faith and Family Day and helped with event orientation. Nearly 350 attendees from dozens of families came to Austin for this one-day event. These families visited all 181 legislative offices at the Texas Capitol to lobby for pro-family legislation.

In addition to assisting with event registration, the THSC Watchmen answered general questions for the attendees and had the opportunity to explain the Child Trauma Prevention Act.

This bill would enact some incredibly important reforms to the Child Protective Services (CPS) system in Texas—ensuring that children in upstanding families are protected from frivolous investigations or removals. Families from all over Texas went to each office, asking legislators to support this bill and vote for it on the House floor.

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