As we approach the close of 2016, THSC is preparing to return to the state capitol to continue defending home school and parental rights with the new THSC Watchmen team of six interns and several THSC staff.

Earlier this month, we introduced the 2017 THSC Watchmen team. We asked Meagan Corser to share some of her thoughts on why participating in the THSC Watchmen program and defending parental rights in Austin is important to her as a home school graduate.

On Parental Rights and Texas Law…

Meagan Corser

I’m passionate about protecting parental rights because they are currently not guaranteed by Texas law. This issue hits very close to home for me.

In 1971 Texas law stipulated that a parent must be proven unfit before any nonparent entity could gain custody of a child. That year, my mother who was six, lost her father in a car accident. Following the crash, my mother’s paternal grandparents attempted to take custody of her and her sister despite the fact that my grandmother was a perfectly fit parent.

The only reason the case never went to court was because Texas law would have required that my grandmother be proven unfit to raise her own children before they could be removed. As a fit parent, she maintained custody under protection of the law. Unfortunately, that protection no longer exists.

Today, single and married fit parents can, and do, lose their children without any requirement of evidence that they be proven unfit. Today’s Texas law would have dragged my mother, as a six-year-old girl just having lost her father, through a custody case. She likely would have been taken away from the only living parent she had left.

Simply because non-custodial family members disapprove of the parents’ decisions, including issues such as home schooling, medical care, and religion, perfectly fit parents have lost custody of their own children.

Protecting the rights of parents to raise and educate their children is vitally important today. As a home school graduate, I value the rights of parents to educate their children in the way they see fit, whether through public, private or home school. The THSC Watchmen are dedicated to Keeping Texas Families Free.

On Preparing for the Future…

There are two main ways that the THSC Watchmen Program prepares you for the future.

  1. The THSC Watchmen Program builds leadership and teamwork skills.
    During the session, each person will take the lead on particular issues and analyze all of the bills related to those issues. God didn’t design us all to do the same things. He designed us to work together and complement each other’s strengths.Because the THSC Watchmen team structure is modeled after God’s design, the team works effectively and efficiently. We’ll use our God-given talents to accomplish the greater good for His kingdom.
  2. The THSC Watchmen Program strengthens critical thinking skills.
    During the legislative session, we’ll be analyzing every bill related to family law or education for its impact on parental rights and home schooling. This is an amazing opportunity to be able to think critically about the effect of public policy on families while making a positive impact on the lives of all Texans.

Can you make a difference?

Last session, the home school community generously donated financial support to the THSC Watchmen. Your generous support helped the THSC Watchmen to:

  • Identify and track 149 bills affecting parental rights
  • Prevent 15 bills specifically threatening parental rights
  • Amend and fix eight bills that threatened parental rights
  • Pass the Equal College Opportunity Act which protects home schoolers from discrimination by Texas state colleges

THSC is the only organization that works full time in Austin protecting parental rights.

Will you donate and help the THSC Watchmen in Keeping Texas Families Free as they work on your behalf in Austin?