THSC Leadership Support is hitting the road this year and we will be coming to a group near you!

Farewell to Texas Leader’s Conference in 2020

We know that Texas Leader’s Conference (TLC) has been a loved event by some group leaders, but for others, trying to get their team to Convention a day early is not always ideal. Maybe you saw information about the conference in the past, but your leadership board couldn’t attend due to the travel and time requirements. We know Texas is huge and we want to make it easier for leaders across Texas to feel connected! THSC understands that homeschool group leaders’ time is valuable. So, as we say farewell to the TLC, we are excited to share that Texas Home School Coalition will be hosting THSC Town Hall meetings. One may be planned near you!

What is a Town Hall Meeting? 

We invite THSC Partner Group Leaders as well as all Texas homeschool group leaders to come together to collaborate and share ideas in a small group format. This event is designed for homeschool group leaders across Texas to connect with each other in their local areas, so make sure to invite as many leaders in your areas as you can. The THSC Leader Support team will work alongside these leaders to bring a statewide perspective while enabling local leaders to establish relationships and hone group strategies. These meetings are integral for new and seasoned groups, as well as leaders that may be considering starting a group, leaders with questions about managing finances, insurance, background checks, getting the word out, and much more.

We can’t wait to meet you in your hometown! Would you be interested in facilitating a town hall in your town? Here is all we need:

  • A contact person in your group to network and invite leaders in your area to attend
  • A comfortable meeting facility for 25-40 leaders & THSC staff
  • The meeting room will be needed for about 2 to 2-½ hours
  • Leaders usually bring tasty finger food type snacks to share


Questions: Contact Valerie at

Thank you for being a THSC Partner Group Leader


What Town Hall participants are saying…

“I’m really glad we hosted a Homeschool Leader’s Town Hall for our community. Our group’s main goal is to connect homeschoolers to opportunities and each other, but we haven’t done much of that for our members in leadership positions. Partnering with THSC and bringing leaders from our area homeschool groups together to discuss challenges and solutions turned out to be a simple and worthwhile event.” 

“I love that so many people participated in such a real way. Newer group leaders were able to gather ideas from experienced leaders and even the experienced leaders had questions about new challenges that come with the rapid growth and diversification of the homeschool population. Questions, thoughts, advice, and ideas were flowing! I came away with a clearer understanding of issues and a list of things I want to prioritize. I also left feeling encouraged, connected, and supported.”

“It was encouraging to see so many leaders. I hope they get excited and catch vision for leading the homeschool community in their towns and specialty services.”

“Feedback was terrific. I think everyone got something out of it.”


THSC Watchmen Applications are Open!

Every other year, THSC recruits a group of homeschool graduates, known as the THSC Watchmen, to serve on THSC’s policy team during the Texas legislative session as legislative analysts and lobbyists. This program presents homeschool graduates with opportunities to develop skills such as critical analysis, professional writing, public speaking, networking and teamwork.

Applications for the 2021 THSC Watchmen are officially open and will remain open until June 30, 2020. To find out more about the THSC Watchmen program or to request an application, please visit today!


Patrick Henry Scholarships – Application Deadline

THSC is awarding up to $6,000 in scholarships to Patrick Henry College! Requirements to apply:

  • Apply to PHC for 2020-2021
  • Be a homeschool student (for the past 2+ years)
  • Be entering college as a freshman.

Apply by March 13, 2020. Application selection is March 21, 2020.


Apply for PHC Scholarship

More Info on PHC Scholarship

Post expires at 3:31pm on Friday March 13th, 2020