Texas State Aquarium: Present to Your Peers


Take a bow! In this final lesson, students will show off all their hard work and scientific method expertise by presenting their research projects to their peers and special guest scientists.

Texas State Aquarium: Present to Your Peers2019-07-29T00:09:29-05:00

Texas State Aquarium: Draw Conclusions


What does it all mean? This month, students will put together all the pieces of the scientific method to answer questions and reach some conclusions.

Texas State Aquarium: Draw Conclusions2019-07-29T00:07:47-05:00

Texas State Aquarium: Analyze


Let’s get down to the facts! Using a variety of analyzation techniques, students will look for trends and patterns in collected data.

Texas State Aquarium: Analyze2019-07-29T00:07:03-05:00

Texas State Aquarium: Data Collection


Calling all data enthusiasts! Students will use a variety of tools and hands-on methods to collect information about animals and their habitats.

Texas State Aquarium: Data Collection2019-07-29T00:06:08-05:00
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