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Texas State Aquarium: Present to Your Peers


Take a bow! In this final lesson, students will show off all their hard work and scientific method expertise by presenting their research projects to their peers and special guest scientists.

Texas State Aquarium: Present to Your Peers2019-07-29T00:09:29-05:00

Texas State Aquarium: Finish Research Project


Put on the finishing touches! Students will continue and complete their research projects, using peer review discussion and advice from experts.

Texas State Aquarium: Finish Research Project2019-07-29T00:08:51-05:00

Texas State Aquarium: Begin to Create a Research Project


Let’s start the creation process! Students will put their STEM process skills to the test and will begin to develop their own unique research projects.

Texas State Aquarium: Begin to Create a Research Project2019-07-29T00:08:22-05:00

Texas State Aquarium: Draw Conclusions


What does it all mean? This month, students will put together all the pieces of the scientific method to answer questions and reach some conclusions.

Texas State Aquarium: Draw Conclusions2019-07-29T00:07:47-05:00

Texas State Aquarium: Analyze


Let’s get down to the facts! Using a variety of analyzation techniques, students will look for trends and patterns in collected data.

Texas State Aquarium: Analyze2019-07-29T00:07:03-05:00

Texas State Aquarium: Data Collection


Calling all data enthusiasts! Students will use a variety of tools and hands-on methods to collect information about animals and their habitats.

Texas State Aquarium: Data Collection2019-07-29T00:06:08-05:00

Texas State Aquarium: Observation


See the Texas State Aquarium with new eyes! Students will learn how to use their senses to observe with a purpose.

Texas State Aquarium: Observation2019-07-29T00:05:42-05:00

Texas State Aquarium: Testable Questions


Are all questions equal? This month, students will practice their STEM process skills and build the foundation of the scientific method by learning how to form testable questions.

Texas State Aquarium: Testable Questions2019-07-29T00:05:10-05:00

2018 South Texas Leader of the Year


Congratulations to Belinda LeBlanc (2018 South Texas Leader of the Year) By: Valerie Bolieu and Belinda LeBlanc I am pleased to announce the 2018 South Texas Leader of the Year: Belinda LeBlanc! THSC received many [...]

2018 South Texas Leader of the Year2019-12-10T12:09:30-06:00