THSC’s interventions are among the most utilized member benefits. THSC intervenes with schools, organizations and government agencies on behalf of our members, and we just experienced a major Social Security Administration (SSA) victory!

Here’s the deal:

Just this year, THSC has intervened with the SSA on behalf of members 15 times. This occurs so frequently due to the fact that benefits automatically stop paying out once a student beneficiary turns 18. In the case of homeschooled students, this will happen regardless of whether or not the student has graduated.

According to the law, however, homeschool students receiving SSA benefits are eligible to receive those benefits until they graduate from high school. That applies even if they have already turned 18.

THSC’s recent interventions with the SSA have not gone very smoothly, and we have had to follow up with SSA offices more times than usual in order to restore our members’ benefits.

That’s not all…

In fact, THSC is involved in a case right now that has been going on for well over a year. Once again, the SSA is withholding benefits from an eligible homeschool student. However, THSC and a member recently experienced victory with an SSA intervention in the same local office.

In September, a member reached out to us and let us know that her son’s benefits were being discontinued by their local SSA office since her son had turned 18. THSC immediately intervened by calling the agents at the local office.

We also sent a letter to the office at the beginning of October to remind them that homeschoolers receiving benefits from the SSA have a legal right to the benefits until they graduate.

After verifying with the office that the letter had been received, THSC and the member waited for a response. In mid-November, we received a call from the member. Her voicemail stated that her son was receiving benefits again and would continue to receive them until graduation. She was absolutely ecstatic and thanked THSC for our assistance in restoring her son’s benefits!

Here’s the deal:

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