Enjoy the Freedom of Online Learning with Monarch!

Homeschooling offers the unparalleled ability to tailor school work to our children’s needs and as they get older, to foster a sense of independence. No two years look the same for us and this year I am learning how to balance working at home while homeschooling. While homeschooling might seem like the ideal situation for a parent working from home, it has led to some challenges and new compromises with my students.

Monarch is a program that is open-and-go! Once I set up the lessons, my children got right to work. I have usually avoided computer based-programs because often I prefer to review answers with my children to ensure mastery of topics. Plus, I love those conversations! We learn so much from each other when we talk about history or science. I was concerned about this; would I lose that with Monarch? The answer is, no! It surprised me how many new questions and vocabulary words that I may not have thought to include! This opened the door for the discussion I love, so I do not feel like I miss that aspect, as I had feared.

As a parent of a dyslexic student, the text to speech option was a huge bonus to help my youngest student be successful in his lessons. We are just starting middle school and not ready for fully independent lessons. We still have the options of working together in the Monarch portal. He learns and I have been able to make sure his accommodations for his learning disability are met. There are so many options for a parent to customize their student’s work, which allows students to still have individual and customized learning options. Another bonus is that Monarch also works on our Chromebook and our iPad for mobile learning options on road trips and while running errands.

Monarch is an excellent curriculum choice for families. This curriculum covers five subject areas: Bible, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and History. The scope and sequence is laid out well and thorough in order to prepare students for future post-secondary choices. During set up, I was able to assign the class work that was appropriate for my students. My son is able to complete some of his credits on an accelerated path to prepare for his senior year and still give him the opportunity to grow in the areas where he needs extra help.

The free trial is perfect for parents to discover if this program is the right fit for your family!