According to the NCAA, “Students who were home schooled for any part of high school (grades nine through 12) must now register with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. The clearinghouse will process all home-school certifications. There will no longer be the need for institutions to file initial-eligibility waivers for students who have been home schooled. Home-schooled students should register with the clearinghouse by visiting the clearinghouse Web site at Click on ‘Domestic Student Release Form’ and follow the prompts.

“After registering, the home-schooled student must send the following information to the clearinghouse:
· Standardized test score (must be on official transcript OR sent directly from the testing agency);

· Transcript (home school transcript and any other transcript from other high schools, community colleges, etc.);

· Proof of high-school graduation;

· Evidence that home schooling was conducted in accordance with state law*; AND

· Lists of texts used throughout home schooling (text titles, publisher, in which courses texts were used).

“Because home-schooled students will not receive a preliminary evaluation from the clearinghouse, it is best to register after completion of high school (usually in late spring) when all above listed documents are available.”

*THSC Association will be happy to notify the NCAA in writing that graduates of schools of member families attended home schools conducted in accordance with state law.