If you are in a divorce/custody situation, there are actions you can take to promote and protect your ability to home school.

To Avoid Court Proceedings

  • Work out educational decisions for your child with your former spouse rather than leave them in the hands of a judge to decide what is best.
  • Win the non-custodial parent’s support by providing home school success rates and related information.
  • Share curriculum options with the non-custodial parent, allowing him/her to remain a part of the educational process of your child(ren).
  • Provide to the non-custodial parent annual third-party academic testing.

When Court Proceedings Are Unavoidable

  • Find a competent family law attorney who supports home schooling.
  • Offer expert witnesses who validate home schooling.
  • View a listing of pro-home schooling experts in Texas.
  • Offer character witnesses who know you and who can testify to your ability and commitment to the children and to your success in teaching them at home.
  • When a psychological evaluation is required, or the non-custodial parent’s attorneys are pursuing such evaluation, find your own pro-home schooling psychologist to perform an evaluation for you.
  • Have a third party perform annual academic testing of your children to secure a record of academic progress.