LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Homeschoolers would continue to have access to college level classes during high school. THSC changes position from opposed to neutral on SB 1091.

Yesterday, the Higher Education Coordinating Board (HECB), the entity that regulates dual credit, reevaluated their analysis of SB 1091 in light of recent discussions with THSC and various legislative offices.

Initially, HECB concluded that SB 1091 would preclude homeschool and private school students from taking certain college level classes, which is why THSC called on the homeschool community to oppose SB 1091. While calls opposing the bill came pouring into legislative offices, THSC continued to meet with officials to discuss the bill.

After a hearing in the House Higher Education Committee, THSC and legislative staffers approached the HECB about the bill’s anticipated effect on these students and we proposed alternate methods by which homeschool and private school students could take these courses.

The HECB has changed its position, confirming that the bill would not prevent homeschool students from participating in classes after all. Under SB 1091, parents or private school administrators would have the authority to administer courses as concurrent enrollment. They can award high school credit for the concurrent enrollment course, while the student also receives college credit.

Homeschool students will have access to all of the same courses at the same costs as before.

Because we have been able to verify that homeschools and private schools will not be negatively affected, THSC has changed its position to neutral on the bill.

THSC believes parents, not the government, should have the freedom to make choices for their own kids. Keeping Texas Families Free would not be possible without the support of the homeschool community. Thank you for standing with us.

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