A Texas-Sized Thank You for Hurricane Harvey Relief!

Texas Home School Coalition (THSC)  would like to extend a Texas-sized thank you to everyone who donated to support families affected by Hurricane Harvey!

Because of caring families like yours, THSC was able to send financial assistance to affected families in the South Texas region, help ship school supplies, and replace essential items needed for homeschoolers to get back to doing what they love!

THSC was able to send your gifts to so many families and share valuable discounts and offers from generous homeschool suppliers. Be sure to check out those who offered free items or provided generous discounts to Texas families to help them return to their homeschool routines a little faster.

Texas Families Grateful for Your Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Though it may still be quite some time before affected families truly get back to their “normal,” they are thankful to have Hurricane Harvey relief in so many ways. The following are just a few of the letters and notes that we received:

A Texas-Sized Thank You for Hurricane Harvey Relief!Dear Texas Home School Coalition founders, members and donors;

Words can’t express my gratitude for your generous gifts. The books, curriculum and even educational toys have begun to restore our homeschool library. The donation of money went above and beyond any hope I had when I filled out the application for assistance. You have given me the means to begin a new normal in our homeschool lives.

Over eight feet of water took nearly everything we had, but it certainly couldn’t take the comfort of God nor the love of His people. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.

I would also like to encourage others by reminding you to remember God’s overall plan. I lived in a flood prone area as a child and had experienced flood waters before, therefore I was able to see beyond the destruction and offer hope and encouragement to my husband who had never been through anything remotely like this before.

A Texas-Sized Thank You for Hurricane Harvey Relief!I was also able to tell my children how God had prepared me for this as a child and that He was preparing them too, for something huge. One day they will be able to bring comfort and hope to others because they have experienced great loss. They will be able to help others in a time of crisis because they will know the needs.

I think sometimes I have failed to see how God may be using my tribulations to teach my children. I have failed to see that my trials may not necessarily be about me. Harvey has changed that. I will now, with the Lord’s help, consider how God is training my children when I’m faced with adversity.

Thank you for the opportunity to share what the Lord has put on my heart and for your patience in receiving it.

Love in Christ,
– Maranda D.

Thank you for your gracious gift to my family during this time. God has shown up through this and we know His plan is great. Praising through the storm as we know it’s only getting better from here. God bless. God Bless!
– Tonna I.

Thank you so much! We appreciate your help and support!
– Kristen N.

Thank you so much for going with me on this little journey in helping my family rebuild our curriculum. It has been so busy and so chaotic, but in all that chaos, I’ve been able to take in moments like these, feeling God’s peace wash over me. I am absolutely grateful for the movers and shakers like yourself whose footsteps God is directing. Again, thank you so much for all your help; I’ll never be able to find adequate words to display my appreciation.
– Martina R.

Thank you guys so much! God bless you all.
– Brittany C.

Thank you to THSC Supporters!

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to the exhibitors and advertisers who partnered with THSC. THSC offered a free one year membership to families affected by Harvey. The generous vendors listed below provided valuable offers, deep discounts and even free curriculum to families affected by Hurricane Harvey!

Here are some of the organizations that partnered with us for Hurricane Harvey relief.

We are thankful for all the support for homeschool families affected by Hurricane Harvey! Working together, this is how we continue Keeping Texas Families Free.

Now more than ever, THSC needs your support. A generous donor has promised a matching grant of $25,000! Won’t you help us maximize this opportunity by giving $35, $50 or $100 today?

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A Texas-Sized Thank You for Hurricane Harvey Relief!