THSC PAC Announces First Four 2020 Endorsements

By Stephen Howsley

Despite THSC’s disappointments with the results of the 2019 legislative session, some legislators went all out in their defense of Texas families. These legislators fought for Texas families and homeschoolers during the 2019 legislative session and have invested their time, energy, expertise and influence on behalf of family rights.

The THSC PAC has endorsed the following candidates for re-election in 2020:

  • State Sen. Bryan Hughes, Texas Senate District 1
  • State Rep. Jeff Leach, Texas House District 67
  • State Rep. James Frank, Texas House District 69
  • State Rep. Valoree Swanson, Texas House District 150
Rep. James Frank

Rep. James Frank

Sen. Bryan Hughes

Sen. Bryan Hughes

Rep. Jeff Leach

Rep. Jeff Leach

Each of these elected officials advocated for Texas families during the last legislative session by leading on important issues. James Frank, Bryan Hughes and Jeff Leach all carried bills to protect the rights of Texas families to raise their children.

Representative James Frank carried the Child-Trauma Prevention Act, which protects families from unnecessary CPS removals, and the UIL Equal Access Bill, which gives homeschoolers equal access to UIL activities in public school. (Currently, homeschoolers in 35 other states have access to similar activities.) As a homeschool father, James Frank has been a long-time supporter of Texas family freedoms—particularly homeschooling, championing legislation to defend families every legislative session.

Representative Jeff Leach carried the Family Unity Act in the Texas House, which updates Texas law to include guidance for courts on the constitutional rules required for the protection of parental rights and family rights. Representative Leach has also been a strong supporter of family rights in two major cases this summer, the Pardo case and the CJC case. THSC filed briefs in both cases before the Texas Supreme Court, defending the constitutional rights of families to raise their children. The rights being violated in both of these cases relate directly to provisions of the Family Unity Act. Representative Leach was an early signer of briefs in both cases.

Senator Brian Hughes carried the Senate companions of both the Child Trauma Prevention Act and the Family Unity Act, working with numerous stakeholders to reach agreements and to get hearings on both bills. Senator Hughes was, hands down, the strongest advocate for family freedoms in the Texas Senate in the 2019 legislative session.

Rep. Valoree Swanson

Rep. Valoree Swanson

Representative Swanson, although not on a committee that reviewed THSC bills in the 2019 legislative session, has been a longtime advocate for homeschool and family freedoms as a homeschool mother. She has invested substantial personal time and expertise to aid families being harrassed in the CPS system, including the Pardo family.  Representative Swanson was also an early signer on THSC briefs to the Texas Supreme Court in the Pardo case and the CJC case.

THSC is thankful to these four outstanding elected officials for their service during the last session and since that time. If you live in a district represented by one of these candidates, we strongly recommend that you vote for him or her and support their re-election campaign.

Are you a pro-homeschooling and pro-family candidate running for office in 2020? Request a candidate questionnaire today in order to start the THSC candidate vetting process.

THSC’s candidate vetting committees across the state are actively working to find candidates to vet. Our goal is to ensure that your family has a complete voter guide to take with you to the polls in the primary and general 2020 elections. Be sure to keep an eye on THSC’s endorsements for the latest information on candidates who will support us in Keeping Texas Families Free!

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