Do you need someone to speak up for you and lift up issues that matter to homeschoolers? THSC members have an advocate in THSC!*

Types of intervention and support homeschool on discrimination issues include:

  • College admissions
  • Government agencies
  • Hiring
  • Testing
  • and more

Don’t let your child be discriminated against all because they are homeschoolers. Let us be in your corner when you need us – we’ve been there, done that, and are ready to help you.

Become a member today to ensure you have an advocate when you need one!

Why Join THSC?

THSC is made up of thousands of member families who encourage and support each other on their homeschooling journeys. Aside from our Member Advocacy, THSC Member Benefits include: Public School Withdrawal Support, Expert Homeschool Coaches, Legal Protection, Planning Tools, Discounts, and more!

*THSC has been able to close 99% of cases in the investigation phase, but we cannot predict or guarantee the outcome of any particular case.