Tim Lambert, president of Texas Home School Coalition, has headed the state support organization for home educators since 1990. He has testified on behalf of the family in court cases and before legislative committees numerous times. Mr. Lambert was appointed by Governor Perry to serve on the former CPS Parental Advisory Committee that was tasked with the responsibility of advising the Department of Family and Protective Services on policies affecting the rights of parents to direct the care, control, and upbringing of their children.


Chris Branson is a solo-practice attorney who has fought CPS in the trenches—and won. He has taken the experience gained in those battles and prepared a presentation designed to arm attorneys—and their clients—with the information they need to keep CPS away from their children.


Cecilia Wood is an attorney in private practice in Austin. She has been practicing law since October of 1986 with Family Law as her main focus, including defending families against CPS. Cecilia is currently serving on the Governor’s Parental Rights Advisory Panel and remains committed to fighting to uphold the rights of parents and families against unlawful attacks.


Johana Scot is co-founder and executive director of Parent Guidance Center (PGC) in Austin, an organization that helps parents with the child welfare system. After becoming a certified CourtAppointed Special Advocate, Scot realized that something was wrong with the system. During her first cases, she saw it was nearly impossible for parents to work their service plans. Parents were “forgotten stakeholders” and largely ignored. In 2004 Scot founded PGC to provide parents with education and resources.


Maureen Ball is a native Texan. She graduated from Baylor School of Law in 1986 and was certified as a Texas attorney in 1987. Maureen then worked in a variety of legal settings for over 15 very active years. After moving to Harris County in 2005, she took a personal hiatus from the legal field to focus on home schooling her two children. Her return to the legal field was jump-started in 2013 when a divorce reorganized her family. Maureen’s personal experience with home schooling during and after the divorce process provides her with a unique perspective. During her legal career, Maureen has worked in both the civil and criminal sectors, including CPS cases.